A Message From Jim's Desk

Do you have questions?  Frustrations? 
Want a business?  Have one?

What do I need to start a business?  Or to get more Prospects for my business.  Spend more money – right?

•    Back Office Support
•    Domain Hosting
•    Merchant Account
•    Lead Purchases
•    Classified Ads
•    Pay-per-click Advertising
•    Direct Mail
•    Drop Cards
•   Training & Mentoring

These are things you need to start most businesses and can add up to more money than you ever thought.  And it represents a substantial investment in not just money, but time, energy, risk.

When you have a business already, these expenses easily add to up several hundred dollars, even several thousand dollars, each and every month. I know! I’ve spent over $5000 per month advertising with these methods. Do they work? Yes! With the proper skills you can ‘Go Wide Fast!’ yay!


What’s the problem? 

If you don't have a business yet, most people can't afford this kind of expense on the "bet" that they may or may not succeed.  If this is their first "go at trying" to start a home business the risks are high!

For the people with a business already, most can't afford this advertising. This system is NOT duplicatable, it forces you to recruit, recruit, recruit. In fact, you might as well quit and go into direct sales, because your organization will never develop the depth you need. 

Maybe you have other questions:

•    Where can I get training? 
•    How can I generate leads online / offline?
•    How do I brand myself?
•    How do I communicate with a prospect?
•    Is there a proven lead generation system available?
•    How do I sponsor more people?
•    What tools should I use in my business?
•    What type of compensation plan is this, and how do I get paid?



Why Mentoring For Free? 

We understand your frustrations and we can make a difference. No companies or products are ever promoted and the training will introduce you and your team to a duplicatable system designed for your success - no strings!

My philosophy is anybody with a burning desire and the dedication to see it through should be able to create their own success.


Do you have a BURNING DESIRE?

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Here's The Mission And It's All About YOU

Our Mission is about YOU and YOUR GOALS.

We believe there is only one way to know if we're being successful.  By seeing you reaching your goals. 

Step by step, mile by mile, until you tell us...

                                                  "Thanks!  I'm good!"

Our Mission is to help you see the value of leveraging your Time and Influence in an elegant, tasteful, professional way that enhances what you're already doing.  And doing so with the tried and true Network Marketing Distribution Model that has stood the test of being successful for over 50 years.

Our Mission is to give you the Time Freedom and Financial Freedom to make decisions no longer based on whether you can "get away" or not.  No longer based on "if it's in the budget" or not.

It's been said, "When you subtract out the amount of hours in a day spent on working, traveling for work, other obligations socially, eating, sleeping and doing all the things other people need, there's not much time left that WE OWN of our life!"

Our Mission? 

Make that be enough and get it done.

              A Quote From The Author of "Success in 10 Steps"

"I'll train you to build BIG in Network Marketing, with ANY MLM company."

                                            - Michael Dlouhy